Blessings to all!

I just wanted to share what's been happening since my last post here.  The Lord had said that death and life are in the power of the tongue and to choose life for Lee.

Lee went to his regular doctor and she knows all the details of Lee's trials and she confessed over Lee that he would have a good prognosis!!!

Lee's regular doctor had confessed that his condition was stage 4 single cell lung cancer which doesn't have a cure and he sent him for a second opinion.

That cancer doctor said he doesn't even think it is cancer!  They will have a staff meeting with their cancer doctors and discuss the situation to see what

they think the best route to take.  So this Thursday we will find out their decision.  They will take the slides of his kidney biopsy and examine it.  They might do a biopsy of

his lung which doesn't sound too bad the procedure I am sure he will be asleep! 

So you see the confessions are changing from the first doctor's report!  Whose report will we believe?  Yes, the report of the Lord that by Jesus' stripes Lee is healed!

When Lee was sharing with me, what the doctor said Lee fell out backwards out of the chair having a grand mall right on to the tile floor on his back and back of head.

Lee confessed that Levi will be all right while I was freaking out with the enemy trying to plant negative fear scenes in my head!  Levi was able to get up without even a

bump on his head!  All glory to God for His divine protection over Levi once again!

Thank you so much for standing with us.  Lord bless all!

Love in Christ,



    Yolanda Ballard








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