Sending Warm Greetings... How are you? I pray you are doing well. Can you believe we are already approaching the end of the 2nd month in this new year already?!? Where does the time go?

I wanted to share with you some exciting news for this month's end! So many things are happening:)


FREE Flag/Movement Mini Workshop - With Flag, Veil/Prayer Shall, Billow, T-Shirt, Garment and Clothing SALE!!

Flag Sets From $90 >> $85

CLICK HERE to register and please spread the word...

11:15AM EST - 12:30PM EST Saturday, February 27th - Live on Zoom

Learn Choreography - You'll learn some steps of the "Resurrection" choreography that we'll be doing for the end of class combinations in the March Dance Classes, and be learning in its entirety in the March conference, "Changement."

Learn Flag Choreography - You'll learn a glimpse of some "For Your Name Is Holy" flag choreography that we'll be learning in its entirety in the April/May SHIFT conferences.

Flag Sale - I just got my new shipment of the most beautiful hand-dyed silk quill flags! There is only a limited supply on hand. So, it will be first come, first served (whoever orders first on the web page after I show you). You may also order some that are similar, should we sell out. From $90 >> $85 on that day!

Veil/Prayer Shall Sale - I also have a new (very limited) supply of the most exquisite hand-dyed silk veils. From $61 >> $55 on that day!

Tissue Lame Billow Cloth Sale - I will show you what dynamic, meaningful colors of 5 yard billows that are available at a reduced cost. From $43 >> $37 on that day!

DFH T-Shirt Sale - I recently got the new shipment of Shirts in a wonderful array of colors and sizes - First come, first served. I only re-stock once or twice a year. So, now there is the most choice. 

DVD Sale - 2 Days only... ALL DVDs (discs) will be only $5 each (while supplies last)!! Beginning at the free conference, through midnight February 28th. 

Garment/Clothing Sale - Finally, I'll show you what worship dance garments and some clothing items that are now too large for me (since I've lost all this weight). Some of the clothing has hardly even been worn. I'll tell you what they cost new and then you may pray about how much the Lord would have you to give. Then please add at least $5-$10 to cover shipping. This sale is to help raise funds for Dancing For Him Ministries. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 


CLICK HERE to register and please spread the word...


Last Day for the Regular Savings Rate  - "CHANGEMENT" Choreography Conference CLICK HERE or on the poster for all the details. 


Last Day for the Early Savings Rate - For the, "Prophetic Dance of the Worshipping Bride" Prophetic Dance conference. CLICK HERE or on the poster for all the details.

Last Day to register for the March Dance Classes (in order to get into Tuesday's class) - You may still register any time in March for March classes and get the zoom recordings for any classes you will have missed. But to get into any of the live classes, in order to serve you well, you need to register at least 48 hours before the class. CLICK HERE or on the poster for details and to register. 

FREE March Choreography Conference - With registration of 3X/week of March classes. Remember even if you can only attend one time/week live, you can still sign up for 3X/week and get the recordings of the missed classes and the free March conference! 


Well...Not the end of the month, but pretty close:))

Last Day for the Extra Early Rate - For the "Within the Cloud" Worship Dance Conference - CLICK HERE or on the poster for all the details.

There are more events and classes upcoming, but this is enough for now:) 

I hope to see you this Saturday or in the classes and events soon! 

May the blessings of the Lord overtake you...
Pastor Lynn






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