Facebook Live Bible Study, on character, May 12, 2021, 7-8:00 pm PST, ROOM? Your place online!


Join us for our Journey into a virtual Bible Study. Feel free to invite friends!

We will meet with ZOOM for interaction and Facebook live, like our church services. You can post questions and thoughts or participate in the ZOOM room, and I will do my best to respond. Let us stay connected during this time!

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I chose a special verse that speaks to us during our uncertain season, this week we are studying Character.

This week¯s notes:  

The Character of Loyalty is developing allegiance and respect. 

Notes: http://70030.netministry.com/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=35217&columnid=3803

Loyalty is remaining committed to those whom God has brought into our lives and has called us to serve, even in times of difficulty. It is developing allegiance and respect in one another, and not seeking to manipulate the other person. Being loyal exhibits our commitment to Christ by our commitment--with discernment--to people and righteous causes at all times.

(Proverbs 17:17; Ecclesiastes 8:2-4; John 15:13; Romans 13:1-5; Titus 3:1)


Think through the steps you need to take to put Loyalty into action in a specific instance. Such as, what can I do to make sure I always treat authority figures, even the police when they are writing me a ticket, with utmost respect?

Where is Loyalty improperly functioning in my life and relationships, and what can I do about it?

Do I put down my church and civil leaders? If so, what can I do to be a solution and not a problem?






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