Dear Oasis Family & Friends,

ADF is getting an unbelievable number of requests for legal advice regarding COVID masks and vaccine mandates, far more than we could ever handle.

So, we have prepared a summary and FAQ’s about the relevant law – not as legal advice but solely as information.  We want to help those who have sincere religious objections to these mandates. These resources are available at:  Please feel free to share this with your congregations.

As you know, the culture is rapidly changing, and those changes are affecting laws and court decisions that have major impacts on your church. Our mission at Alliance Defending Freedom is to keep the legal door open for the Gospel and to help churches navigate these changes. To accomplish this, we have created the ADF Church Alliance legal membership program.

We provide practical help to churches across the country.  Our lawyers are available to answer religious liberty questions, conduct document reviews and provide advice, and even represent your church in court if necessary and appropriate.

We created a free legal guide that provides recommendations on ways you can improve your religious freedom protection by updating your governing documents and policies.

Download here.




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