Shared by Yolanda Ballard

October 5, 2021


When you are a caregiver with no respite, your whole life is wrapped around that one person you care for.  You don’t have any other outlet to express who you are or who you are to become with other people and activities.  When you make a special friend, you tend to wrap around that person way too much in the way of companionship and could demand too much from them not realizing that you are just a minute factor of that person’s life when you have made them a majority of your own.


We must make Jesus the majority of our life and not a minute factor.  That is how He feels when we are too busy with a multitude of interests and barely have a moment to spend with Him.  Everything we put much more emphasis upon that draws us away from Him has become an idol.


We might say that we have no time to spend with Jesus.  Even pastors of a church can get too involved in being a pastor that they have no time to be with the One who called them into ministry.  We do that which we really want to do.  We make time to be with the one we love.  We make time to do those things we really want to do, and that is why I feel left out at times when I don’t hear from those I feel were special friends.  That is how Jesus feels!


I know I do the same with those who have tried to reach out to me to develop a relationship with.  I need to reach out and make more close relationships rather than just having that one special friend because that one friend has many other interests and I am just one of them and I need to give myself to more people.


Staying with the one person who accepts you as you are and you feel comfortable with is too much of being in the comfort zone when God wants us to stretch out and become who God called us to be. I realize that not all can handle the real me but there are those who will benefit from whatever good God placed in me.


Yes, we learn by journaling out our true feelings.  Instead of allowing your thoughts to get jumbled up rolling around in your mind put them down on paper and deal with them.  Cast out the bad thoughts and hold on to the good and develop on them.


Lately I have felt like a butterfly that is coming out of a cocoon.  When you have had much in your life to hold you back, you tend to feel like an ugly caterpillar stuck in a cocoon.  Those who have been in the enemy’s snare for so long don’t know how to relate to the real world to enjoy the beauty of nature and relationship.  They’ve been too bound up and beat up by the enemy to be able to truly live.  They just exist trying to make it through another day.


Some are called “hard cases” and many have given up on them but they have a value in them that the enemy fights to be released.  These “hard cases” are diamonds in the rough and are true warriors and a real threat to the enemy. 


I remember one lady saying that those who have been the weakest link in the body of Christ will truly become the strongest!  Those who struggle, never give up.  The Lord never will give up on you!  He sees you perfect through His blood and through His love.  He sees you precious in His sight.  The Lord doesn’t see all the flaws. He sees perfection. Be at rest in who you are and love yourself.  Know that you are a work in progress and beautiful in His sight.  Selah!


    Yolanda Ballard









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