Shared by Yolanda Ballard

“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about Me.”    John 5:39.

Do we truly know the One who died for us at Calvary?

Does our heart burn to know Him even more?

How can we share the saving grace of the Cross-at Calvary if we only know Him at a distance?

We know Him through His word but not experientially knowing Him.  We can just know about Him because we believe His words but never spend that quality time being close to Him, just basking in His presence to know Him more.

If we really wanted to know Him more, we would be in that place where we can’t get enough of Him.  He has so much to share with us of His being, His attributes, and His quality of love in different expressions.

When was the last time your heart burned to share His saving grace with another?

When was the last time you witnessed one getting born again?

How can we share His love with another if we don’t know of it in a way that is life changing?

Do we still battle the same bondage as when we say we came to know Him many years ago?  Why is that so?

He is life changing. His breath is to flow through us bringing life and health to every part of our being.

He says if we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. He draws us near but do we harden our heart and not respond?

These are the days of the great awakening to those who has believed they were already right with Him. Many have just gone through a religious experience even though they spend much time studying the Word they do it in a way that keeps Him at bay.

They dive into the Word thinking they can find him but they do it only with their mind and not their heart. He knocks upon the door of our heart but do we truly allow Him to come in and be The LORD of our life, or do we hold back and think we can have all the blessings and still live our own life?

He must be The LORD over our whole life.  To have His authority we must be under His authority. To have His blessings we must bless Him with our undivided love and devotion.

Yes, this is the end of all times and we must examine our heart.  Do we truly know Him or do we just know about Him?

Do we truly believe His word? If so, it would be life changing.  If we truly believe what He did on the Cross-for us and that He has given us His resurrection power to live His life, we would be bursting forth this life changing experience, and it would only get stronger as the years go on.

Many have been going back into the world and into other things, like New Age practices, because they are actually bored with a life of religion that has no power or true life giving qualities from The LORD.

Taste and see that The LORD is good.  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him and makes His abode in Him!!

I pray that we truly examine our heart before it is too late to know the truth whether we truly know Him or not. We need to cry out to Him Abba, Father, bring change into our life and our heart.

If we want more than just a religious experience, which that is what it is without true communing with our LORD and Savior, we need to cry out for it!

Many have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues but show no good fruit or growth from having it.  Then you can speak to one without the Baptism and they have more of a burden for the lost, better fruit, and a true life changing experience.

What causes the difference?  It is our heart not truly responding to His love and His saving grace.

Yes, this is the hour to truly cry out and to die out and truly make Him our all in all!  We need to truly be sold out to Him and loving Him wholeheartedly, or we are not going to make it in the coming days when we need to truly trust Him.

How can you trust someone you don’t really know? In the Word whenever you read “he knew his wife” meant he became intimate with her.

Are we at that place where we truly want to know the One who gave His life for us?

We must open up our heart and allow Him to come in and to bask in His love and saving grace.

Choose this day who you will serve…. will it be to continue in our self-serving lifestyle or will we give it all to Him?




    Yolanda Ballard








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