True obedience comes from the secret place of faith which resides deep in the heart. It must be generated by love which flows from the revelation knowledge of being in God’s presence. As we behold Him, we become like Him and learn to walk out the obedience of faith. This takes us deeper and deeper into the reality of simply being hunkered down in His love where our obedient hearts say, “I Am Safe.” (Psa. 91: 4-14).
Hunkered in the bunker
Secure in the Word
The obedience of faith
Looking no other place
Listening intently
Watching carefully
Releasing everything
To live by grace
To behold His face
To accept His embrace
Of everlasting goodness
To simply rest
In His bosom
In love’s wounds
Where I originate
My life hidden
In Christ’s sacrifice
Eye to eye
With Destiny
Christ in me
Unfolding my purpose
In His finished work
I simply look
To Him
In the secret place
Face to face
With my image
Seeing who I am
I don’t wonder
I don’t wander
Into strange places
Absorbing strange faces
I am satisfied
Knowing Who I’m like
I am quiet
I am still
I am His
Hunkered down
In my safe place
Living by faith
I wait
For my identity
I simply receive
Grace upon grace
From glory’s fountain
Safe and secure
My heart pure
In simple obedience
Flowing by love
Covering me up
In Spirit’s shelter
Where secrets dwell
Where freedom lives
Where Christ is
Who I am
An obedient man
In holy wonder
Hunkered in His bunker
I don’t stray
I stay
In faith
I am safe
Woody Winchell


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