It seems utterly impossible to rejoice in a day that is filled with gloom and darkness, especially when it hits you in a very personal way. But the Lord has gates of praise for us to enter into which enables us to see things from His perspective, lifting us above the meager dictates of our flesh and proclaiming, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psa. 118: 19-24). It is only as we perceive each day as coming from the Lord that our hearts can sail beyond worldly expectations into the joy filled wonder of discovering His life, Day By Day.
This is the day
That the Lord has made
I will rejoice
And be glad in it
Hey! Hey!
He makes my day
No matter what
He’s all I’ve got
He’s all I need
Plenty or poor
He’s my door
Of joyful entrance
I dance
In His presence
Containing His essence
Joy and peace
From within me
Circumstances don’t matter
I live higher
Than dead flesh
I am meshed
With triumphant glory
Overcoming worry
About earthly cares
I am there
Perspectives so rare
Walking in air
From heaven’s gate
I’ve learned to wait
To watch for Him
Time and again
I have failed
My flesh assails
Wanting predominance
Promising emptiness
That I pursue
Without a clue
To real life
I refuse light
Groping my way
Looking for day
In blinded self
Deceived by wealth
Of worldly treasures
Until I learn
Until I turn
Back to faith
Seeking His face
Hoping in grace
Denying my flesh
I find rest
I pass the test
The beautiful process
Of finding satisfaction
Through many transactions
Which develop trust
Which temper lusts
Which train and instruct
Over many miles
Teaching me to smile
In every day
In every way
Releasing my say
To sovereign love
I am not my own
My flesh has died
I am crucified
With Christ
Now I’m alive
To His day
That He has made
All fear laid
At the cross
I will rejoice
In His choice
Overriding my voice
Of clamoring confusion
From darkened delusions
What an infusion!
Of absolute delight
My heart takes flight
I am not fettered
By chains of bewilderment
I am content
Just to be rejoicing
In unending discovery
Of the eternal way
Day by day
Woody Winchell


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