God is gathering all nations to enter into judgment with them on behalf of His people. He is trampling out the grapes of His wrath because the vats are overflowing with wickedness. The Lord’s mighty ones and the heathen are meeting for warfare in the valley of decision. This is the great clash of two armies for the purpose of sorting and sifting and bringing recompense and full restoration. It involves a day of clouds and thick darkness as the army of desolation is now being sent forth to prepare men’s hearts to return to the Lord. After repentance, this army will be removed by the army of the Lord of hosts and God will make up for the years that this great army stripped the land. His mercy will be poured forth in response to repentant hearts that have learned of righteousness through judgment. Different armies for different purposes, all orchestrated by God, leading up to eternal decisions made through The Gathering.
(Refer to the book of Joel)
King of glory
Lord of hosts
Gather Your army
Gather Your army
Your bright shining army
Your conquering army
Gather Your army
Your holy army
Your cleansing army
Your sweeping army
Moving so swiftly
Healing and quickening
Completely restoring
Your purpose
In the earth
Sent forth
At Your command
‘Heal the land’
After Your reprimands
To prepare the way
To set the stage
For mercy’s wave
Mighty to save
In hearts made ready
By judgment’s revealing
Evil’s concealing
Of dark motives
Bringing to the surface
Hidden wickedness
Shocking the senses
Oh, the pretenses!
The deceit and lies
A stark surprise
At man’s corruption
Bent on disruption
Of all things godly
Attacking the body
Of Christ
Disguised as light
Moving through culture
Like a snake slithers
With poisonous promises
Altering foundations
With lethal injections
Of pride filled motives
Dulling the senses
To evil’s intent
Accepting promises
Filled with death
Targeting the intellect
In high minded wisdom
Oh, the venom!
So powerful
So cunning
Mankind running
To false protection
The wily injection
Of ignorance
To God’s purpose
To correct man
His loving hand
Allowing reprimands
To change the course
To bring remorse
Over stubborn rebellion
To reestablish dominion
Overriding opinions
With righteousness
After the judgment
The first army sent
Repent! Repent!
The second army gathering
All things renewing
Mercy’s viewing
Of hearts turning
Multitudes! Multitudes!
In the valley of decision
For kingdom collisions
Orchestrated by God
Gathered for war
Settling the score
Which door?
The choice is ours
The battle rages
Trampling horses
Sharp swords
The fight is on
The lines are drawn
Between the forces
The Lord of hosts
The evil foe
Clashing over souls
Who has control?
The false story?
Or the King of glory?
The armies gathered
Wickedness is scattered
By true light
The overcoming fight
Repentant hearts delight
In judgment’s mercy
In waves of grace
Beholding Your face
After chaos and calamity
Gathered to Your army
Woody Winchell


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