“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” It is only when we are aware of our poverty of spirit that we are open to receive what heaven has to offer. This involves mourning, being meek, being hungry and thirsty for righteousness, merciful, pure in heart, a peacemaker, and a sufferer of persecution. (Mt. 5:3-12). Welcome to true riches. The path is narrow and the way is strait. He is looking for followers all the way to heaven’s gate. We will share His glory as we join Him in Reduction’s Story. (also Rev. 3:14-22; Rm. 8:17).
Reduce us Lord
To being poor
At humility’s door
Address our pride
So arrogant inside
Thinking we are rich
Filled with emptiness
Continual shipments
Of vain glory
Blinding our condition
By darkened cognition
Perceptions from hell
A wretched smell
Surrounds our existence
Making You resistant
To take us in
Full of sin
We repulse You
All You can do
Is spew
Out from Your mouth
The filthy taste
Of our waste
We are a stench
In our self righteousness
Not knowing our weakness
Not willing to bow
Our spirits low
In abject poverty
In broken humility
We strut
Serving our gut
With dying pleasures
The flesh our measure
More and more
To fill our store
With tasty morsels
From deception’s portal
The evil path
Dressed for wrath
Unless we understand
We are just men
Fallen and broken
Poor and wretched
Needing heaven’s riches
Unless we repent
Recognizing our poverty
Just how empty
Our spirits are
Unless we prepare
For eternity
Unless we see
Our nakedness
Our blindness
Our false wealth
Unless we bow
With nothing to offer
But valueless coffers
Knowing our worth
Can’t be our purse
We sell it all
For true riches
We are stripped
Of self aggrandizement
We moved to the basement
Where we are nothing
We have no possessions
We lost our obsessions
To extend our heights
We are satisfied
To be like You
Meek and lowly
Embracing poverty
Willingly suffering
To be perfected
By Father’s hand
A broken man
Headed to the cross
Counting all things lost
But to please Your God
Beaten and flogged
Naked and bare
Hanging there
The way prepared
For many sons
To join Your story
All the way to glory
After the suffering
You will bring
Willing offerings
Before the throne
No longer their own
Clothed in majesty
Exchanging our poverty
For eternal glory
Reduction’s story
Woody Winchell


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