There is no obedience apart from faith. True obedience comes from the heart and is a natural response to a revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Whom we are established in the beautiful mystery of sanctification. Everything flows in perfect harmony as we are securely rooted in faith which works by love and leads us into The Obedient Life. (Rm. 16: 25-26; Gal. 5:6).
The obedience of faith
There’s nothing like it
It’s way is perfect
It’s steps are ordered
In peaceful bliss
The heavenly kiss
Surrounds you
In all you do
Securing you
In sanctifying love
A dreamer’s refuge
Too good to be true
Your hiding place
Where grace waits
Revealing the Christ
You are sanctified
In Him
Protected and perfected
Simply elected
To have Him
To know Him
To obey Him
By faith
You are safe
Quietly resting
In eternity’s arms
Free from harm
Every alarm
Stilled by trust
You are loved
How can it be?
So easy
Just believing
In reality
What you don’t see
With natural eyes
Total surprise
How love works
How grace waits
To reveal the Son
The work all done
Before you start
Faith in your heart
Just receiving
Just believing
Just obeying
Under love’s canopy
No fear there
Only love’s care
You abide there
Where you are known
Where you are chosen
Where nothing invades
Your private place
Beholding His face
You exude faith
Rooted in love
You please His heart
Just staying there
Just being you
Just being true
To your nature
A new creature
In Christ
Enjoying your surprise
Perfectly sanctified
In the obedient life
Woody Winchell


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