Hello Daystar Family and Friends...more importantly, friends of JESUS!...He has called US His FRIENDS!
I wanted to let you know about a really special weekend we have planned for tonight and tomorrow night (February 1st and 2nd) here at Daystar. We will have Jon Montalban with us both services, ministering in worship as well as sharing his testimony. Johnny and I met Jon last year in Venezuela when he was performing in a concert for about 10,000 people....except that he wasn't performing, he was truly worshiping...leading a crowd of that size into an amazing, truly intimate place with the Lord!
After his portion of the concert was over, I asked him if I could pray for him and he was very gracious to allow me...the Lord showed me so much of his calling and his heart and he ended up weeping before the Lord right there on the stage...needless to say, Johnny and I really connected with him. Jon has a very impacting life story and has been used by God in great places of influence in Central and South America and is beginning to do more here in the states. (He has 2 Spanish cds and an English one about to be released.)
I would like to invite you to both services this weekend (or whichever service you can make it) to be ministered to by Jon...you'll be glad you did :-) Tonight's service starts at 7:30 pm....tomorrow night at 6:00 pm. Of course we will still have individual prophetic ministry available tonight.
Check out Jon Montalban's website...his songs are in Spanish, but he will sing in English here at Daystar  www.JonMontalban.net   We have attached a picture of one of Jon's cd covers below so you can put a "face with a name."
Grace for the pace!