The declaration of surrender yields Godlife ONE! ONE! MINE ALONE!
All are, in surrender.
Cottingham September 21, 2007 9:31am. c. Forward freely.
The God life in me there is, is there any other? There any other, besides me? Nay, no other exists. I am God not alone, with him, I am him. He is me. There is no other. My life his is mine real. I love you all.
This much.
Can't you see? the real? being it!
I love you all.
My/God life; or all there is, not; contrived contrivance manipulated me. I let. Said not a word. Captivators captivated me not by force, I laid down my life, for them. I arose too! That's what I NOW DO!
Loving you all.
I DO, now.
Loving you free. Freedom rings, my bells not; what on garments lie, untouched, not; ringing furiously? The freedom'er entering holy of holies now; for sin of all mankind, not; all'times is.
I love you all.
See what I've said, change not, alter not a syllable or word, 'eth'ing one makes.
Thank you very much.
Not perfect? Perfect? All of you choosing now, will. Do. Must.
Ave'nt a clue, not; before thee, IS ME!, the YOU, ARE me!
Loving you all.
I've told you, show'd you, showing you now; a'loving you royally, being it, me, showing you, leading you; giving you clues not; giving you dramatically you's, not; clues a'not me, not; a me perfectly!!! You see. You see know. Me rising me's. A'God'life'd ones, who holy are, surrendered to being; a'not separate from me, but a'being me, a'being me, a being me: I am, the Godlife now. I -'ve surrendered. Became who I was'am, again.
Loving you all.
I declare: I've showed you.
I show you again now.
Who's life is mine; yours. Will it be yours, a'too? -ing salvation's shores no more; targets a'me not; but mine life is, a'glory'ing Israel; see? See? SEE! Pleeeeeese, see, what I'm saying, giving, no clues about, now; I'm giving you STRAIGHT TALK! DECLARATIONS! COMING FORTH! MIGHTY STANDING! BE ONE, WHO IS ONE.
Now mighty many come forth, a'God'ing not few. The life's mine, ALL mine.
I love you all.
Give you this day'life mine. ALL mine I give you/to you.
See what I've said. Declarating not my halls a'empty; full now, a'seeing them all; overflowing me, -s; to me be, -come, me.
I love you all.
Learn to read these words? SEE these words, for what they're saying, believin me! believin me! Believe in me! he who sent me, is youhim! We're the ONE now; all knowing it. Allknowing it, all.
See what I've said, witnessed, me. Coming forth now; a'witness'd me, witness one, -d who loves you, sent you you to me to me be MY Godlife now; a'were, are, now again be, -ing me, perfectly. Matthew 5:48 to death, not; LIFE! ARISEN!, MINE ALONE! YOU ARE, ALL OF YOU, in surrender. Pants, not; LIFE WEARS!, Being life, life me alone.
I love you.
Give you me I have, do, upon beds sorrow lie, not; REJOICE! THE'THY SAVIOR HAS COME!!! And it's YOU SURRENDERER'HEARER'HEALER OF ONE thy name now.
Israel, -s thy name not alone.
You're ALL me! The God life sucks the life out of you, not; YOU ARE the God life, surrendered to Godlife, to BE; BEING THE GODLIFE NOW, you all know you are; like nobody's business, not; a'being one you are, perfectly.
One challenges you, not; all who are not come and mighty be, -ing not the savior, hearing they are, many surrender, becoming who I am, surrendered God life to be God life, Godlife'd to'upon being God'life'd to LIFE now all who without have been, thinking their a'separateness as'was special; humility-driven, not;
a surrendered one/chap I am, now, leading masses, massless into being, the massless masses that one is are and Godlife is, a'perfectlying many now, -s your nameville, ted and company not; who's company, now, you're keeping? Settled, not; what unsettle'eth the masses massless to be Godless no more; a'fearing saviorship longer not; a'entering it MEship now; all reigns. Superfluous now, not; a'back-row'ing not others, but leading, lead all to lead, -ers be, -ing now.
I love you.
See what I've said, in coffeeshop, notfew come, -ing to now, to hear the angel's words, not; a'man's me; amen'ing me not always; fearing some, not; ALL do, my word, -eth'ing one, who loves them; love feeling, first time, many, not knowing what to do/how to respond to such a "thing", not; a'mercifully being'responding now; knees'd'one now rises the surrendered ones, whoever wherever and what meaneth the now this declaration not NOT! The declaration of surrender yields Godlife ONE! ONE! MINE ALONE! All are, in surrender.
I love you Godlife one I am surrender,d and surrender and surrendering ones come alleluia'ing themselves in fear'not; suggested by any now; a'fearing not fear itself, but self me is glorified me, my body is, SURRENDER GLORIFIED NOW! I LOVE DECLARE IT SO!
ALLELUIA'sville rises, me, me's; all over now.
A'come from where?!?, did you, say?
A'no'wheresville, not; far beyond the stellar system.
'ow'd you get here, so far'fast?
I thought here.
I love you.
Can you see, yet?
Get a picture? In these words? a no sorrowing not, the picture maker'receiver who surrendered is, now rises'rising notfew. A me mighty arises me's, a'perfectly me's -ville in rises me'n's now. Meons perfectly.
My light shining brightly!, now.
I'm ONEville, knowing it, now; alllllll do.
How much shall I say, do, -ing justice now, to picture one? -sville arising, me, -sville, in to nothingville, not; a'perfectsville, me arising now.
I love you.
A'Israel now, a'perfect'd me, a'perfecting others far and wide come now.
A declaring it I am, real and true.
I love you all.
Love you all this much.
See me/what I've said, never taking back a word or syllable. I recant not a word'glance a'notme not; a'look my way will you, MY way, and see, that you're MINE way truth and light, life being a'perfectly now. A'regarded a'notfew not; a'perfectly me rises me's, a'perfectly schools me perfectly in perfectlysville arising to be, perfectlysville in perfectville arising many through courses, course one, shall we do now? a'witnessing not saviors a'notme, but ME Godlife'ing them through and through, to know you'me! THE WITNESSES ARE!
A'glorying hallelujah!
I'm one/done.
I've said it.
I'm one, done. I rise now. Training completed finished not; forever love, -ing me into Israel proper and exploring me forever -s ville creating forever, past beyond allsville ever thought. See existence perfect proper and executed not by; millions not, millionaires not. Not. A few not. Not me out of existence, not; I REAL am, and I do this now, SEE it, ME, YOU! The you you are, is me! Godlife BE, -ing now. Real true and proper; appropriate service, -d me, I am, by I am. The servicer, not; the arranger, not; composer now! Arranging many things a'notme'd were, now com'posing'prising the notme's into me's now! A perfect arrangement!
ALL now knowing it now.
All NOW knowing it.
All now KNOWING it, me; IS THEM!
I'm one.
I'm one momville all. A'creating saviors are we?
We are, perfectly, -sville, creating. Shall we, now?
I love you all this much.
Type my words at coffeeshop one? Shall we?
BE. Coffeeshop one many places now.
BE,ing me in wherever you are, you weren't ever not me, were you?
Never again sir.
Sire me perfectly.
Yes sir.
I love all my words, -eth'ing ones now.
A'schooling all I let you.
You let me all.
I love you one and company one are.
Apart from me, not; one are, being now: Godlife one, THERE'S ONLY ONE!
I love you all.
Good day, hour, mine, is.
A love yours. What shall you do with it'him now, a'loving you like 'e does?
I love you too. Is that all you say? Do? Or, shall I behold him, the witness now, the witness becoming?
I love you all.
Who'll read my words with sorrow'not and speak spark and share my love with others? Being other'd, not; no other exists. Now and always should have been, not; were are and is, now one, shall be.
Behold the'your lamb, inside you is!
BE Godlife one; there is no other. Inside you, is there?
Be me Israel!
Be me!
And amen.
Love you all.
Good day.
Just startin to see the light?
BEEEEE it'im.
Love you.
Love real, loving you, into realdom, real, true, central,ing my words forever, being; humble servant one shows you how, leads the way.
Being it'him, shall we now?
Allsaylelui now.
I'm one with you, now knowing it. I invite you in, to me/share me, not; you ARE me, in surrender, all knowing it now.
Surrendersville creating it, me, now in my temple replete, complete, whole'ing others forever; we do now.
All of you, this much.
"Special anointing" on him?
"Special dispensation given"?
Simple surrender leads, simple surrender gave his life, now yours be; ing one, like nobody ever show'd'shared with you before? Or one did, now seeing, all, Jesus the Pattern, is ME'YOU! ENTER YOUR PATTERN!!! -ship!
Jesus rules, not; ONE does, father's my name, now all knowing it me who I am, the Godlife of one IS one, and one I am, you, in surrender, all of you.
Love me more/my words more. Eat them; life they are, to give you yours, don't you see? To believing me in my words see thou's, erupt your life, not; what life? did you have? One apart from me? thinking surrender'salvation was my core? Coresville creating what? havocsville? In paradise? Pervaded me? central'ing what'whose words? a'sorrowing them? in it? you???
I love you, bow'd before you, bow these words now I do, I am, and I see do and you do see, please, my love for you in, and a'sharing not my kingdom fools with, BE my kingdom you ARE!, in surrender, BE,ing it whole complete replete. HOW CLEAR CAN I MAKE IT/THIS FOR YOU?
What do you want, pablum spoon'fed to you; in diapers, -villle???????
I love you anyway, always.
I am lover one loving you always.
Gave my life for you'her I did, ALL of you.
Arise me! in schools now. Proper's my name now; a'propering me in justice' systems a'justice'ing the proper'd, reflective a'nouns, not; deflecting no more of me to him, HIM doesn't exist!!!
Don't you SEE???
There's only one real, -ville now.
EngIsraelAll'sville for you my chap, -ward. Ed, not; or allsville, creating, togethersville? One are.
I love you rolling along, not; a'ballistic'ing me.
A'forever yours.
I am,
I am. One who loves you all this much.
SEE my wordflow flow like'as never before thought imagined.
I've come.
Arisen now.
I'm one am.
Loving you all.
Word'eth'ing one tells all now; BE MY HIS WORDS, YOU ARE WORD, MADE OF, TRUE,LY NOW, KNOWING IT, ME, BE; all of you, sorrowing sorrowsville no more, Israel creating me perfectly Israel being.
Forever'd yours.
I come. I go. I'm there. Now. Upon'among you. I walk. The streets. Of gold. Giving you truth.
One who reveals all among you all to see show reveal: you are revealer one!: all of you! have this opportunity, now seeing knowing it, no'sorrow yourself, in believersville no more; a'surrenderville creating me to be me me's are in perfectsville; a'home now.
Kingdom'd forever.
WeekWorks rises me.
16 ways 70 to, no; not ever again will mistakes be made like leaving'omitting me my words from session one, NONE, not ever again.
Thank you.
I love you all.
Have spoken I am, 's my name now, yours.
I love love you all.
This much more see so soo'cataclysmically'eth'ing the who? the don't know me who they are.
I love all this much to reveal myself as never before.
Bemoan not the dead. SEE life, BE life, it IS in me, you, the you you're are, in surrender, being me my life alone, proper, attired; tired not; a'superenergy'eth me!
I'm one mom!
Dad too!
I'm one.
Child o'sorrow no more.
I'm father one a'superenergy'eth'ing all who let me.
We're ONE!
I HAVE SPOKEN. Thusly enjoy, please, my words/word'eth'ing one now comes to your table to enjoy your table with you, THE ONE, you are: all of you. JOIN HIM MY TABLE BEING, provide for yourselves life evermorelasting one he who jealous is, in love for love, the lover be, all of you to each other now. This know, by this know this, by this ye shall know, ALL shall know, ye you and; others not; YOU shall behold the pants' one'd, not; the lover real, IS YOU READER HEARER, LISTENER TO HEARTBEAT REAL, MINE'HIS IS, YOURS!
A'real and true.
I'm one.
Mom and dad, one.
Me mom and dad, one.
One mom and dad, many'seed'd are. Making manytrees alleluia'd one forever Eden restored? Or Israel? one both and? The same?
What are you making?
Surrender, on my knees, now leading the revolution of one. I rise now; arisen's my name forever. Leading arisers, to be arisen, -s their name now, a'coming; for me, being me.
I am now.
A'loving all.
I rise/graduate, sooner rather than later.
A'sooner too?
A'loving you all.
TEACH ME! they cry.
They could have been here. Should have been here, many, and all know all now.
ALL choose.
Prevent not the'their choice, choosing.
They become their choice.
A love real? or fake? Now all know Israel's MY name only. And realdom is MY kingdom; coming into I am, I all now all who let me.
I love you all's my name forever.
I declare it/respect not; I bow forever, and you all decide'choose now.
I bow.
I am. You. Godlife one.
There is not any other; you are, I tell all now. They choose.
A life mine. Or theirs. Establishing me, or notme; Christ, being; or notChrist, being.
They choose their elements, of battle; love! or hate-not-religion-in-all-sorts-of words false guilt humility creating responses a'notme of.
SEE what I've said.
Shall I keep repeating myself, keep revealing revealer of secrets? Revealing secrets kept before world one was? A'keeping myself pure, not; a'giving myself away, now, to all, to eat me'my words, a'pure'ing themselves, in process one. New Covenant respected now, by all. Watch me do this/it.
I love, my University (1) arises, me.
I love you's my name essence character.
Debate no more.
I rest.
My case, IS you, or you're MY case, not; encased in (2) what are you?
No'more'sville your name no more, except to see my world diminished not; but my world emerging real; Israel's my name essence. Salvation not; limited core, not me of, but FULL core/bore'd now; I throttle am, full bore one. Who loves thee, this much.
Stupid not; a'surrendered now, all be. I'm one WITH thee, not; I AM THEE.
I take thee far, a way now.
I believe. Receive me my words, that you are my words, all of you birthing my words, are my word, a'birthing Godlife simple now (3), my father tells'explores all'ville now, with you my surrendered. ENTER ME'US ALL, we're perfectlysvile creating, allsville foreverville with no limits ever again.
Love you all.
Coffeeshops all worlds shall we establish schools in?
Alleluia'ing one's forever, to be Godlife one they are now knowing it, surrendering, to become surrender/the surrendered one, to lead all to leadership lamb'd, my throne being, seen now. All you come to feast?
All choose,ing now.
Who where they'll be, come;-ing now their choice, -ville creating.
Loving you all real be/to be one: ME.
Thank you very much for reading this. Wading through it? Open your eyes to Godlife one. There is only one. My life yours.
Thank you, for surrendering.
I am
(1) University of The New Covenant. See
(2) Isa 25:7 the covering cast over all people….
(3) John 3:8.
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