This is the me message to all: I love you now like never before, see, Israel, is YOU! who surrender to be; that is.
A love true,
Cottingham September 27, 2007 4:14pm. c.   Forward freely.
That which you thought was so clear is coming clearer now.
Trust me. I love you all.
Clearer now.
Trust me.
Cleared up, all is, will be.
Upon me my shoulders now.
A love real.
Be, -ing now.
Forever one.
One'd, me is.
All cleared up and no'sorrow'd, is, will be now.
All cleared up.
Have I made myself, am I, clear now?
The clear one'lamb, I am. What're are you O Israel'not; a lamb'd'de one? de'ing yourself from lambship real, royal, and one'ing not yourself to be; apart from me, rather than me, Israel, real, a'proper and entertaining unaware strangers? Or one's sent me to'from thee to shores not Israel a'not proper, but propering all now; a'prospereth thee I do now.
Inasmuch, as the least of these, you do it to, all, you? do it, you do it unto me; your brethren.
I love you all.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, not; no such thing in MY kingdom. Is real! Israel!, is me my kingdom stance now, a'skanced not by man methoding me. A methodists not; but what do my methods consist of? Creating me'hood school now. A'believing me for sorrow, not; but what manner flyeth now the me'hood school'ers who school fly, blindly not, into; but what out of? the me me's fly.
I angel am are you? do now, no'sorrowing many.
I love you.
Graduating thousands; into out of; and financiering not the their education standards a notme of; but graduating me's upon MY breast who lain have, with me, still, hearing my voice'words, my breath breathing, life living; alone. Not alone all, but whose with thee beside thee now? My lovers loves thee, my lovers ease thy burden, not; but what lovers ease what burdens a'burdening not another, but bringing freedom to all'cares'ville, creating me'sville a'royal and prospering mightily?
I love you. I am you.
13 not; 13 year olds, in college?
My standards seeing now. All change, -s now the standards'a'system'ing the notme's into not'me's'further, not; but one flight freedom takes take now, understood, understand, all do now.
I love you/my school of sorrow'not.
I understand many into adulthood, 13 not; before 13? Was 13? I was perfect. I was 7.
Ultimate not; I owned everything.
I had nothing.
I ruler was, of every universe.
I laid down, a'whore'd with thought,s not me; and viola'alas, not; I de'whored myself, not; I became surrendered. I beast am not more familiar with; cursed, crucified I did that "sea" monster!
I love you.
This is just the beginning begun ted, just begun. Leadership just begun that the world sees, not as just see some see; ALL see now, your adornment; 13 stars a'not'me not, but what nodded not to a world's system of man'ing my standards, of 13-ing them all through a standard's committee deciding what I get taught. I TEACHER AM, THE TEACHER AM. I TEACH LOVE, THE LIKE OF MAN NEVER KNOWN/HAS KNOWN BEFORE, EXPERIENCING THE GREATEST LIFT OF MAN'NOT CAN HAVE EVER IMAGINED.
I'm one dad mom.
I'm both; and alarmed, not; no electricity/electrical circuits in me!, anymore.
I love am.
I love am.
I love am. One.
I love you all this much, and more, see, so soone'th thee, are sooners now? attending what school? In where'sville? Learning you're in noddings'ville no more, but heavenward's attendance'ing me like no thought ever took thought of.
I rip the cord, not; there was none, I created it; I de'create it now.
I lass-o not the corded ones with a'cords broken, I a'BREAK their cords now.
A boundless one I am.
Leap tall buildings easily, candily, outspoken; my father gives me the words, his words. I am his word. That's all I am. I consist of nothing else. I created the real surrendering to it, him, the real one!
I love you.
Who can see what I am doing with my candid ones, candida'd not; but loving alleluias to alleluiaville be, seen in now; a'loving all.
I CRACK THE CODE!!!, not. I love am, became love, the love words are, became the lover who sought the lover in the lover's words/world, to see that world in the words, a'loving me all now; through all'worlds, foreign'not ever thought of before, after, or now.
I love you all.
Timeless, -ness pervades me, not; I it.
I love you all for loving me and loving me I love all and loving all I love you. See?
Love personified's the son now, isn't it'he simple to understand now?
"I laid it all out for you, to see now.
Israel you are, have been, all along.
You're there, you're it.
Incarcerated became, yourself doing to self, yours, that you were'are.
Now knowing all/creatorship you are, became the one to create you over.
Vulnerable, not; venerable ones a'notme not; but veneration never occurs like thought thought; for my blood, word is. And my body, you're's is. And we the same of one, -ville creating oneville that one is, forevermore beyond, behind past time no more.
I love you said a lot.
I'm done showing, not; just beginning, begun, to rock the world, worlds a'foreign and not seen and seen and showing all now to all'd ones, eyes opened, me are, is; the one'one now. A two'd'not regime, but regimeless; toothless not; the lion of Judah pervades me, not; but what lie down I with now? the power of one? or one being, the Christ, of sufferingsnotville, but bringing, dying, it not to so.
Clean clear through it'you is now.
I love you.
Incarcerated no more.
Clearplanetsville, creating?
Love you/your planes now, not; de-planed and planed and who -se can see the ones I am I'm not, and flying some and de'ing others? Who gives a damn'care? Or careth now dams falling into rivers not me of doing, my notme does/did it. Thus what ensues?
Chaos, pandemonium.
I love you all through it all see the great -est opportunity time has never let you see/burst through, but burst the bonds now, of shackles great? The great opportunity's now!
And who'll research it, this, thusly? And write papers now, a'publishing it/them all?
I love am. You Tedword.
I am.
Loving you braceless not; I am thy shield and buckler; your mail is who, from?
The admirers, club, not; but what where from? Internal infernal revenues, not; all paid off. "I" paid it off.
I paid your fines.
I finally, performed my word; not. I am without time. I love am. Timeless, you explain all now, this WeekWorks not; foreign, not; but what foreign now are taking WeekWorks foreignless not for, but living where? A' switzerland not; but Tulsaville? Now watch me perform miracles; wordless one not; but MY WORD NOW PERFORMED PERFORMING and speaking MY words alone!
I love you real.
Be me.
A love here.
I am you.
Know who you are.
Love real.
Thank you.
A me.
This is the beginning of me not me, not; me me and real me Israel is; a'Israeling the Jews, not; real Jews a'making of all who'll surrender be; now one'knee'd, not; but on one where are you?
Israel real, not; or doorway making for realjews? (1).
I showed them all, they cast me, not; but now doorway you become, to real the real.
I love you all.
Good day.
I love you love you love you real; all of you, this much.
Think not cataclysmic fails not to appear cataclysmic now.
The NOW falls down, reappearing the NOW, NOW does, the REAL ONLY.
I love you all.
De-mirror'd, de-myth'd, and real as it'you'I gets it to be, not; my father I am, you, the surrendered.
Loving all, we love became love, to love our brethren; and enjoy the harvest, not; the grandest opportunity; spectacled not by man's standards a'cartooning me, not; not; but what mattereth? Matter doesn't matter, and all know it now.
They see you through doors walk walking me the me now.
As 2 not; one.
I love you three? not a chance, into, but one be-ing the real now.
See all Israel mine now.
Love you.
Campus free, 13's no more; being 7's now, all who will, remain, incarcerated no longer; all else leave.
To free me, I am free, the free one now.
Love you real and true.
I am one.
This is the moment real and I demand it/things, not; I my father is generous, not; generosity abounds me, all everywhere, for I am my father's grandchild? A fatherless child? Don't bet your life on it! I am my father's father's son's son a'real now, loving you all. ONE! and savior one, IS ME, THE ME! real AND TRUE'D, PROPER'D, AND LOVING YOU ALL.
This is the me message to all: I love you now like never before, see, Israel, is YOU! who surrender to be; that is.
A love true,
Truly yours.
A me
(1) Rom 2:29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart (2), in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.
(2) 2588. kardia, kar-dee'-ah; kar (Lat. cor, "heart"); the heart, i.e. (fig.) the thoughts or feelings (mind); also (by anal.) the middle:--(+ broken-) heart (-ed).
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