This is a group I have been helping. Please pray and see what the Father Yahvh would have you to do to help. They email me and call me all the time. They have been throw much for there Faith. There email to me has all the info you will need. Just pray and if you feel lead please help.
Blessing in Yahshua
Rev. Barbara Gilbert
Shalom Sis. Barbara.
Let us praise YHWH our Elohim for the great opportunity given us to be part of this true faith which Yahushua H'mashiach reveal.
How are you and your family coming on there with life? I hope that you all are doing great in Yahushua.
Sister, i just want to write you on what all we were discussing on phone the other time when i call you.
We the Yahsharun home group here in Ghana kindly asking you to please try your possible best to help with teaching material and finance so that we'll be able to maitain our home group here.  Since 2006, we have been trying to maitain the group with all our strenght in Yahushua, but at this time we really need your help so that we'll be able to build our synagogue in time to come as we're increasing in numbers daily.
Sister, as the home group is growing here, things started getting hard with us. Most of our brothers and sisters here in the group have been rejected by their parents and husbands. The marry women have lost the marriage home, it's because of the faith. So we're receiving more persecution from others here. They consider our faith to be a cult. So things are not easy with us here. There is no body in our  group that is working right now. All those who were doing little jobs here lost their jobs because of our faith.
So because of this life is not easy with us here. But with all these persecutiion and defficulty we're going through here still, we're doing waht is pleasing to YHWH our Abba. We're trying all our weak ways to Keep the Torah. Even though things are very  very hard with us. But we're still living together here as one family in Yahushua.
Because of the condition that we found ourself in, we made a back yard farm from which we were selling the products to sustain the group,but this year what we had was not enough to maitain the group.
So sister, we're kindly asking you to please try your possible best to help us here. Just imagine, we can't eat here some days. Because there is no food to eat. We being observing Shabbat here with out food.
We're really asking you to please try to help us for the sake of YHWH our Elohim who love us and sent His only Son Yahushua to die for us.
Sister, this is our Address:
Aaron Ben Papee Wollo
Buduburam refugee settlement
P O box 46 state house Accra
Ghana W/Africa.
If you want to sent us teaching materials you can sent them through this poster address.
But if you're sending us money, please to sent it through Western Union money transfer bank or Money Gram. These are the faster money transfer bank that people receive money from here in Africa.
If you're going in the bank you'll go with my full name Aaron Ben Papee Wollo. And the address i give you. Then we'll be able to receive the money here fast.
This is our pictures. Siting along is our leader name Ephraim Shaul. This is his email address
The Yahsharun home group greet you all there in Yahushua H'mashiach name.
May YHWH our Elohim bless you all there amein.
LOVE and Shalom
From Aaron your bro


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