MEMORY VERSE: "Burst into song, you mountains, you forests and all your trees, for the LORD has redeemed Jacob, he displays his glory in Israel"(Isaiah 44:23). Thank you for your special prayer cover for me while I am proclaiming Christ in Israel. Around 3:30 am and onward, Central time today, we will have an opportunity to proclaim Christ to over 1,000 Jews who will be staying at our camp. Many in our group are praying for boldness and witnessing opportunities. Please pray!! Although I was going to share today on the accuser of the brethern, I must pause in this series to share what the LORD has been revealing to me as I am here in Israel. It is heartbreaking to truly see the LORD'S Church in America reaching such an evil pathway to destruction. I praise God for the 50 men that are in our group here in Israel, and what a joy it is to be with them, and share the Word of God with them. However, as I reflect on what the Spirit has been revealing for me to share with them, it troubles me to wonder why men in the church are not stronger in their faith. How have we allowed the devil to lure our Godly male leaders into such Spiritual passivity? Why have so many churches become a Lazarus? Where are the revivalist? Where are the prophets who will stand up and proclaim this to be the year of the LORD and for the church to wake up? The influence of our American culture here in Israel is obvious. For a time, I wondered where is the influence of the American church, but then I remembered that Christianity has such little influence upon America itself. It goes to show how other cultures see America--not as Christian but as humanistic. They model what they see and they see our worldliness, not our Godliness. Why are we comfortable having such worldly churches. Why are we uncomfortable in truly living an authentic Christian life? What will need to happen before churches begin to repent and turn from such evil? Several hours ago, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that churches in America are Lazarus. It took the power of Christ to raise Lazarus and the resurrection of true church in America will only be resurrected by the same power, the power of Christ. Though many Christians are offended by my boldness and message of "doom and gloom", many more Christians are encouraged and are joining hands with me to be used by the LORD to say to a dead church, "Lazarus, come forth!" Though this is my third time to be in Israel since 2002, I have truly been overpowered by the Spirit to see the American church for what it has become. It is unacceptable. We must no longer allow this train to speed uncontrollably toward a bottomless pit of destruction. We must rise up, and stand on the Word of God. We must be willing to leave churches that do not abide by the truth of God's Word. We must be willing to shake the dust off of our feet and leave churches where there is evil and worldliness. I don't care if grandpa started the church, if it is corrupt, get out! If it is led by worldly leaders, get out. If the pastor is quoting Hollywood movies, walk out in the middle of the sermon! Get out! Don't rationalize staying in a religious social club that only claims to be a church. If you are staying in a bad church just for the friends, get out and get new friends! What are you thinking? If you go to one of these churches of today, that makes you comfortable by feeding you and giving you all the worldly comforts of your living room at church, walk! Get out. You are buying into a worldly church that only seeks to entertain you but not equip you. Walk! We must seriously consider the stronghold of the enemy upon our youth in our churches. So many churches are allowing the parents to set the tone for youth ministry rather than the Spirit of God. If a youth minister is led by the Spirit to lead the youth to repent, and come out of the world and to live for Jesus, the parents are often the first to question such radicalism. But there is a every increasing amount of young people who want the truth, the raw presence of God in their life. They are sick and tired of the fun and games. They no longer want entertained, but equipped. Adults are fleeing the big entertaining churches because they aren't being feed the Word of God. It's time for revival. Critics tell me revival will never happen, and that we are in the end-times when things will only get worse. That may be, I do not know. But what I do know is that as long as I have breath, I will continue saying to churches and Christians everywhere, "Lazarus, Come Forth!" Dear Heavenly Father, as I sit here today, on the South side of the Sea of Galilee, I thank You for allowing me to share my heart. But, more than my heart, it is Your heart and Your passion for a church that must rise up and make a difference. Let us be convicted by Your Spirit to truly change the world for You by coming out of the world. In Jesus' Mighty Name, AMEN! Re-arranging my life for Christ, David >> We want to thank, Holly Martin from Michigan for underwriting the cost of sending out today's E-Meditations. Thank you, Holly for your support! If you'd like to send a gift to underwrite the daily E-Meditations we love to hear from you soon! Visit: SCRIPTURE READING: May 30