Dear Beloved in Christ, 

I am led to address the issue of "Premature-Immature" ministers who grab ministry offices, and titles, without having paid the price to fully develop in that grace.  I am not one to question someone's ministry calling unless I witness in the Spirit a clear alarm from the Lord.  But at the same time I am very clear that God has a "process" He takes every minister through before he releases them into their full potential.  

With the internet age, there has been an unleashing of people in this status, and it brings great harm to the legitimate work of the ministry.  Having been spiritually raised under a Pastor who served in the ministry for over 65 years, and Pastored my home church for over 48 years, I have the wisdom, knowledge, the perspective, and 32 years of ministry development to provide a scale for today's ministers. 

I am clear that some older ministers have no intention of releasing their younger ministers to their full potential, and use what I have written to keep their ministers as household slaves.  Also some senior ministers are so driven by ambition and are controlling and dominating, that they "do not" give a budding minister an opportunity to even begin that development process in their life.  So what I write I am writing with this in mind.  

Many years ago Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International, wrote and developed what is called the powerful "10 M's of Ministry Development."  Believe me they are more than a notion, and I have attached a copy for your review.  I tell all of my Ministers that it takes every bit "20 years" to develop into a fully matured, balanced, having made full proof of your ministry, preacher, so don't fool yourself.  My thought is what is the rush, for you will not going to get there until you get there, so what is the rush???  

We have too many who are gifted and called, but will never ever be "chosen" by God to fulfill that gift and calling, because they try to "skip steps"...  I have seen too many actually have someone "sanction them" who does not really not know them spiritually, relationally or by an accountable relationship.  They go strictly by calling and, gift and do not realize that the gifts and callings are without repentance.  Because we have a Prophetic College I meet some of the most gifted individuals this side of the Atlantic ocean.  But what is rare in these days is to see someone who has actually paid the price to walk in that grace, gift, and calling they claim...  This is the root of ambition driven ministry, and I see to many who are temple thieves and echo's rather than voices and oracles for God...  

To often the "so-called" ordination papers given by peer pressure ministers, are not worth the paper they are written on, nor the ink that wrote them.  All ministerial gifts and callings come from God, but God assigns the seasoned ministry Eldership (The Presbytery) the responsibility to recognize, witness, and sanction what God has so amply done within a vessel, fit and prepared for the masters use.  Anything short of this, cheats the immature minister and sets them up for failure, and it cheats the people listening too and following them also.  

This is a strategy for shipwreck, and ministerial disaster.  The devil can sweep many unsuspecting souls in one fell swoop, and can make the potential minister walk away from the ministry never to return.  I have witnessed it, and therefore I am dead set against any who have not paid the price to walk in their gifts and callings.  So my admonition is: Do Not Believe The Press Reports!!!    

Ordination papers do not make you a preacher, that comes from the Lord.  But until the time appointed of the father, God places all of us under governors and tutors.  I see so many "internet ministers" which are title grabbing, and it looks real stupid when you see the childish behavior on full display on the internet.  I am not being critical, but observant because such a one will draw unnecessary "demonic activity" when stepping prematurely into things that have not been proven out through preparation, mentoring, fathering, experience and maturity.  Joshua had Moses, Elisha had Elijah,    

Before David walked in what the Prophet Samuel prophesied, and put oil upon his head,he had his lion, his bear, and Goliath, before he even began to move towards that prophesy in a tangible way.  There are so-called ministers who many do not submit to anyone, and they will pressure immature ministers into their callings premature.  All to often the "immature" seem to lean towards the "premature."  For when you feel you are ready, you are not, and when you feel inadequate and not ready, you probably are ready for God to use you in a greater way.  It takes God to anoint, prepare, and develop a minister ultimately, and He will assign assistants to your destiny.  

Apostle Paul was the one who admonished his son Timothy to make full proof of your ministry.  Timothy was raised spiritually 2 generations deep, by his grandmother and mother.  But with the fundamentals under his belt, he was still considered a novice, and admonished to become time proven in his gift and calling.  I always tell younger ministers, do not believe the press reports people tell you, when they praise you about your wonderful gift; for that is just what it is, "A Gift, NOT YOU!!!    To often people see the giftedness of a minister, and not the man or woman behind the gift.  

I am writing this edict because in this internet age, I am seeing so many who are laying claim to the fivefold ministry and they are making a pure mess and a mockery of the priesthood.  

Please feel free to use this in our crusade against premature-immature ministry.

PS: To the older independent ministers "pressuring the immature," the Lord says He is releasing the fear of the Lord back into the house of the Lord, and do not let it begin with you!!!
Apostle Ricci J. Hausley, Sr.
Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship
Philadelphia, PA