Eph 4:7

 7But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ's gift.

 8Therefore it says,

The gifts that Jesus gave to men in His resurrection are without a doubt, the greatest expressions of truth and love to all mankind.  In Jesus’ earthly ministry, He described the Kingdom of God through simple truths and principals that could easily be understood through everyday life.  These comparisons of the Kingdom of God to everyday life introduce Kingdom life in relationship with every facet of life that exists. 

We continue to discover the creativity of God through the amazing gifts of Five Fold Ministry (Eph 4:11).  At every level and in every dimension, we must enter in to know Christ and make Him known.  Separately, each ministry is an individual expression of the person of Christ.  When the ministries begin to function through a more complete expression within a body of people, we become empowered to see the fullness of Christ and He becomes the lens that we view the whole world through.

When the ministries are functioning inwardly, we see and discern Christ though the ways that the gifts and ministries bring healing and transformation to the Church.  Through the ministries, the Lord becomes the standard of relationship that both unites and ignites a people towards greater purposes.  When the ministries are functioning outwardly, we meet the Lord of Hosts in all that surrounds us through the measure, or the company that we’re gathered with.  Just as the Heavens have Gates, so does the heart and soul of the earth.  Whether the heart that we’re seeking is through government, education, marketplace, or other structures, Christ will see Himself and when He does, He will rise as the Lord of Hosts!  

Once again the relationship factor becomes present to make God’s heart and intentions known so that people become aligned with purpose, who is Christ.  Knowing purpose releases people into destiny.  Destiny delivers us into the knowledge of how to relate with our lives through the Kingdom of God rather than through random circumstances and consequences.  In the Kingdom, and as a Light unto our Path {Ps 119:105}, we see the order of the Lord’s appearing in us and through His creation.  As we see, the boundaries of the Garden are expanded where new plants reveal the creativity of our God and Master Builder. 

Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD! { Psalm 150:6}