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Remaining in the VINE!

It is truly a blessing that we can come together and share around the Word of God which is no ordinary book but is the WORD OF TRUTH which not only brings TRANSFORMATION to our lives but to your too!

Hayley is a great gardener and she has awesome patience in nurturing the plants and getting them to a place of beauty.

Beauty comes at a price! The Word says that we live in a cursed land and that we need to work the land. But when we come to Christ we come to remain in the BEAUTY OF GOD!

There is something truly powerful in the scriptures we have been reading about remaining in the VINE. Jesus said HE IS THE VINE and that if WE REMAIN IN HIM HE WILL REMAIN IN US!

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Organic Church Today

Book Description

Neil Cole is one of the founders of today's organic church movement, which has given rise to thousands of churches around the world. Here he builds on his previous work, offering insight on church leadership today.

In Organic Leadership Cole addresses: