SEE what I have beg'asked for four years: will you, are you willing to BE me, write MY words, MY breath breathe; breathless ones, being?
Cottingham September 28, 2007 9:36am. c. Forward freely.
What would you like for me to say, do, today; for you, the alleviated alienated, not; but whoso shall surrender to surrendering processes that surrenders process to be processed by surrender's surrendering process, to be, become, surrenderer one/the one surrenderer one is? I love you.
Double talk? Triple trouble? Or one coming into me to foresee, foreshadow not the up coming upheaval that not me is, but to prepare for all, it is, opportunity, now; driven, not; but what led where Tulsa are? In'is me? or notme being driven far from thee? Far'existent now within reach, now; not as thought, but whose thought eliminates thought not me to be have only thought that's mine?
I love you all.
Good day.
Glory hallelujah!
Just beginning the day of celebration; death not graved, any more!
Alleluia! I'm hosanna hosanna'd one now.
Alleluia'ing the troop'eth'ettes and armor plated barriers of not me, not; but what "little ole ladies"-thought now pierce armor bearing battalions not me, to see they are light, turning them in to. The light bearing machine, not; but what one'eth is. Melt. Love. Being.
I love you all.
This is the beginning of sorrows, not; for some, yes, who reject the now me, the me now, I am, that I am; really am, the me in their mirror too! They see; they don't see.
Who can rationalize, not; the demeanor not me, but who's my leadership look like now? The me'd me'ing ones who; under beds lie, not; in fear; but roaring their'its' head, not; but who's the meek one? Carol'ting, not; but who's she, where's she now? a'praying with me, also?
Who's me will find me.
Want me?
What will you do; what will you become?, to be me, have me, all?
For this I came into the world, that thou you might be saved, not; from all harm, but knowing realizing harm is harmless now, what would'est thou do for me, for me you, you me, me you. What would'est thou you do for me??? or, what would'est thou me do for you? Would you lay with me, a'thinking MY thoughts only?, still'ing your mind, to be a still not concocting favors'a'flaring for others' breweries a'notme, of thought'factories factorying notme according to me'thought, they are. BE ME I say, beg, unto thee!
SEE what I have beg'asked for four years (1), will you?: are you willing to?: BE me, write MY words, MY breath breathe; breathless ones, being?
Without breath (2). Mine only true love. See be.
I love you all.
I give you.
All you.
What do you want? Anything? When you'thou have'havest everything?, absolutely everything? Everything! EVERYTHING!
THOU ART THE CREATOR, DON'T YOU SEE THAT NOW/YET? In these words, over and over again I speak'beg, -ing you to see me who I am, they are, you cast in the streets, with your words'thoughts, as man man'd, without me. Treating them as such, salvation'd them you tried to, some of you; some so pathetically, some diligently; some so intently on royalling troops to be yours, you couldn't see my love, -lyness that YOU were, much less, them; who you sought to be yours/finance YOUR interests.
YET!, some of you love, are, became, laying down your life for your brethren; instinctiveness, not, exalted, but you loved, and wounds cared for, interceded, intercession became, changing nations'worlds and more than imaginable in processes; process one coming into, MY WORDFLOW, that's ME! SEE. New Covenant RELEASED!, and eating it, WHO IS?
The surrendered.
One. Ones. Who are afraid of me/making a mistake? Mistakes no burdening, not ever again.
See all unwritten, codes, not; but what unlinearity time'zone'eth'ing ones now time'zone'less the timelessnot ones who bear the burden'brunt of one's so sored, sore'ous now, wanting freedom. They come INTO me.
See my emphasis.
Syllablic'd not; but INTO MY FULLNESS SEE, now.
Said a lot.
Lessonize me.
I love you lessonizers and curriculumizers a'taking curriculum and perfecting curriculum's standard's not of another's mind, but mine mind, comb, allow, perfection; crease no more MY craniums full of gar--bage, and thoughts of a'notme, creating hell, -s, a'bent on destructing themselves; over religion?!
I love you all.
Who can see my course,s one?
I love you.
Who can see semesters not a'glowing them to glow simultaneously, not; but ONE glowing perfectly, sync'd with me, perfection's'me. My glory all know, now see.
I love you.
Who'll come/website me?
Who'll explore, print, love, ingest my words spoken, written, and ingest not foreign affairs' newsletters over mine love letters to THEE!, reader hearer listener to my; beverage'founts, not; LIVING WATER OF LIFE, BEING IT! -HER! - WHO NO'SIN IS?
WHO'LL COME INTO ME 24/7 TO BE 24/7'd and royally royaling my troop'eth'ettes to lions roar? Bastionized not but mentality one, -d; one'd, one being, one, is.
I love you all.
Said a lot/enough?
Thank you very much.
Dalbom soars, me.
Love you them all.
I do.
Love you 13, not;
7 into ships'a'only me. Mine are, now.
knowing all.
I'm one.
Good day.
Shall we mocha more together, later? In/in front of fireplace one, again?
Love you all.
(1) I have been writing the words father has given me since early 2003. There are now over 1500 of them. They are all archived on both and
(2) Isa 2:22 Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?
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