Dear Partners in Christ,

We continue to work to bring to you news of what is happening on the field.  The main thrust of our work continues to be evangelism so that the church continues to grow in number but to also teach many of our young believers the importance of sharing their faith with others.


In the Paraiso congregation we are doing just that by handing out flyers inviting people in our area to come to the church continues to be an effective way of bringing in weekly visitors.  Many people continue to come and this continues to encourage us to continue to reach out to the community.  It is also provided away for us to see those in the church willing to take on leadership roles.  On a weekly basis we have reached 180 in attendance on Sunday mornings.  The goal is to find a couple willing to commit to a Pastoral role in the congregation.  We could start more churches yet we cannot just pick anyone to lead the church, leadership takes time to develop and we ask that you pray as we seek the right people to take on the leadership of a congregation.


Lucero is the newest of the three congregations that we are working to establish, this past July we were blessed with the first five people to be baptized into Christ after nine months of work.  Yet the attendance continues to grow as we push 60 during our Sunday worship services.  It looks like we will be seeking a new place to rent as the space is starting to get uncomfortable.  Please pray that we find a place that will meet our needs at an affordable price and yet be close to where we are for the moment for the convenience of our membership.  Also pray that the new believers continue to grow in their faith.

Los Alpes

As we reported last month, we asked that you pray for Jairo and Marcela.  The good news is they have decided to continue with the work.  We ask that you continue to pray for Jairo and Marcela.  The work in Los Alpes is steady but growth will be slower due to the neighborhood does not grow like many of the larger surrounding areas.  Transportation is hard to come by, yet, we continue to have the largest of the congregations in the area.  The ministry has been blessed and we are glad that Jairo and Marcela have decided to continue in their commitment to the church and to the Lord's work.

Thank you for your prayers and Support,

Oscar and Patricia