What level of intimacy should our relationship with God have?

God’s Gifts of Freedom, Part 2 of 2

Are you living out your own life sentence?  Couldn’t prison be defined as a life void of its intended freedoms, a life in restraint, a life withheld from the abundance God desires for us?  Unfortunately, churches are full of people who have not acted on fully receiving the gifts of freedom God offers.

We must first free ourselves before we can be in a position to fulfill our individual purpose and corporate purpose: bringing God’s life, light, and freedom to the rest of the world.

In his book series, The Gifts of Freedom, Greg Rice identifies from the Bible 12 Gifts God offers all of use to be received, un-wrapped and used. In so doing we will develop a more intimate relationship with Him; thereby gaining more freedoms spiritually and physically.

As 1 Peter 3:15 extorts us, we should have answers to give the world for the hope we have within us.  Knowing what the Bible says about the 12 Gifts of Freedom God offers will give you clear answers to the tough questions the world is asking, such as:

Begin taking steps to develop deeper intimacy with Christ. Only intimacy enables us to bring God’s power and direction into everyday life. When we accept and use the life-freeing gifts He offers, he introduces Himself, through us, to a world in need of His love.

We are offering these books as a “Summer Discipleship Special” so you can obtain greater intimacy with God as well as disciple others to do the same using this God-inspired book series. Additional information along with free class and small group study guides is available for download online at www.giftsoffreedom.com.

Greg Rice came to Christ in 1988. He shares his 20+ years of God-given wisdom with others through several ministries, including Solid Rock Media and Impact for Life which is divided into three outreaches—Library of Hope,  Daughters of Destiny, and Impact Network—all designed to help prisoners and their families with the healing touch of God. He is the author of the 3-book Gifts of Freedom series.