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Recently more than 1000 children in China were found to have lead poisoning from industrial pollution. The health of children is particularly volatile issue in China since most families are restricted to having just one child. Parents are edgy since the contaminated milk episode and the earthquake in Sichuan that killed thousands of children. Christian parents often feel helpless and worry about the pollution from the world they see happening in the lives of their children as they see them drift away from God. The vast majority of churches in China lack resources to minister to children. Let us pray with parents who plead with God to keep their one child in church and help him to grow up in the fear of the Lord.
Wenzhou is famous for family-based factories where they first secure orders and then produce accordingly. Among the well-known products made in Wenzhou are: cigarette lighters, shoes, clothing, and frames for eye glasses. Recently 20% of the businesses there have shut down due to the economic downturn. God has richly blessed the churches in Wenzhou and they in turn have been a great blessing to other churches. We commit them into God's hands, especially in this economically difficult climate.
Skipping the college entrance examination and go study in college abroad instead is now the trend for many Chinese high school graduates. Many of them are not able to get into the top universities and parents are able to afford to the expense. Many overseas Chinese churches are learning to outreach to these young, affluent