"Draw me after you and let us run together! The king has brought me into his chambers."

  Song of Solomon 1:4 NASB

           “Draw me!!” cries the Shulamite maiden. “Draw me after you!” There is a deep yearning within her spirit that desires more. She can no longer be content with what she has experienced of him up to this point. The desire to be drawn closer still springs from a place deep within her that recognizes there are depths of love that have yet to be reached; there is a place in his heart that she has yet to have touched; there are places in her that have yet to be fully touched by him. And she cries, “Draw me!”

       The truth is the Lord is always drawing us; always calling us unto Himself; always wooing us to come closer.  To be with Him; to hear what He desires to speak; to hear His song of love.  We so often dismiss the drawing; put it off until a later time.  His deisre is toward us.  He wants to be with us.  He yearns for us. He continually draws; we don't always run. 

         Draw me! This is  the cry of my heart. I have seen Your love; I have tasted of Your goodness. I desire now that You, Lord, draw me after You. There are so many things, so many others that call to me, seeking to draw me to them – not necessarily evil or sinful things, but not necessarily the “needful” thing either. So many other things vie for my attention in the course of a day, but my cry is 'Lord, draw me after you.' I turn aside, I turn away from all the others. I will run after You and You alone. You, Lord, are not only the One I need but You are the One my heart truly desires. Draw me after You and I will come. I will run with haste; with all that I am will come.

        Draw me! Your word has declared that no man comes to the Father except the Spirit draws him. Your Spirit has drawn my spirit to You and I have experienced Your saving grace.  Now draw all that I am –my  soul, my heart, my thoughts that are so often scattered and turned toward things other than you. Draw my passions and desires that too often lust after the things that only give temporal satisfaction. Draw my affections, my ambitions and all that makes me who I am.  Daw my body and its appetites. Draw me unto You.

       Draw me to You – not to the things that You can give me but to You. Not merely to the promise of prosperity or of healing or of ministry or of needs met, not even of heaven. I recognize that those are all a given realuty of life in You; if I have You and I have all that You are and all that You give. I don't want to be drawn to the "stuff;"  I want to be drawn to You.  Draw me to Your face; draw me to Your heart.  May I ever be life Moses who chose Your presence over Your promise; for what good is the promise without Your presence? Draw me after You.

        You  continue to draw me with bands of love (Hosea 11:4). You have drawn me with loving-kindness. Deep continually calls to deep. I respond. I run after you.

       I have in my lifetime, pursued many things (and people) that I thought would bring me joy and satisfaction. And some did but the joy was temporal; the satisfaction fleeting. I have found that only the Lord can satisfy the deepest longings of my soul. True pleasure, true joy, true peace come from Him and Him alone. And it is not a temporary thing. He loves with an everlasting love. His love never wanes, never fades, never changes.

       I am still learning how to release some of those desires and allow Him to truly be my all! Still learning to truly walk in the reality that He is more than enough. I am ever in pursuit of Him – desiring to run after Him, to explore His love that has no limits, to know it length and width and depth and height. My cry remains draw me into the deeper places in You to know the love that surpasses knowledge.

          May we  ever run after Him!