Rick is in Asheville, N.C. this weekend helping to facilitate a new seminar Family Foundations is developing specifically targeted toward helping business people achieve breakthrough in their businesses. We sense this is an area in which God is moving in a unique way these days - calling forth business people to honor Him and to produce abundant funds for the final harvest of souls. The battle is raging because as the final harvest is brought in, Satan knows his days are numbered. Eve and Ric Casto who were also to help facilitate the seminar got word this afternoon (Friday) that Eve's father had been in an accident and suffered severe head trauma and a broken back. So they left to go to Ohio to be with her father. Her mother had just died 2 weeks ago. Please be in prayer for Eve as well as for her father. Please be praying for the seminar attendees and the skeleton crew of facilitators, that breakthroughs will indeed take place. The seminar started tonight and continues through tomorrow. Thank you so much for your prayers. Sharon for Rick, too Alegria Ministries Inc 1916 Cardinal Ln Bonham, TX 75418 214 415 4472 alegriaministries@peoplepc.com