Greetings, Everyone!

There was an amazing sense of expectancy in the Prayer Room at IHOP-NW last night as we entered into what I'm calling the Three Rivers Summit via the webcast from Kansas City. The Holy Spirit filled the room from the first chords of the worship time, and joy, healing, weeping, laughter, and power encounter were all on the menu for the evening.

The Prayer Room was nearly full -- I'm amazed there were still seats available -- and the time flew as for 4 1/2 hours we worshipped Jesus, and received His ministry through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We are continuing tonight -- Tuesday -- as well as Wednesday night to experience together what the Lord is releasing through this historic gathering in Kansas City. I urge you to come and join us! This is not merely watching a webcast -- the Lord is releasing His presence to us corporately and indiviually as we join in. There were several testimonies of healing -- neck pain from scoliosis, an injured foot, release of the Father's love, impartation of joy -- all were happening throughout the evening.

The webcast begins at 6 PM, and goes until 10:30 or so. You are welcome to come early and stay as long as you like! The Prayer Room is located at 32008 32nd Ave South in Federal Way.

Blessings on you all. This is the beginning of what we've been crying out for.

Gary Wiens